Travel Student Challenge

The challenge is online, join us from wherever you are

15 June – 15 July 2019

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  • Check and explore our new Tequila platform
  • Use it to create an MVP of your new service
  • Get inspired or feel free to reuse our open source project Margarita
  • By the 15th of July send us up to 2 min video pitch of your project uploaded to the video server of your choice (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.)
  • Best ones will be invited to an in-person review in the Czech Republic or Slovakia


More than 1500 EUR in flight vouchers for top 3 projects 

Feedback session with our Top Management & BizDev team

Weekend in the Czech Republic with covered costs for top 5 teams

Award ceremony in Prague, Brno or Bratislava

Excursion to our headquarters in Brno

A lot of merch

What we will evaluate?


Technical ideas
behind the project



  • Students only - all team members need to be studying high school or university program during the whole time of this challenge
  • You have to register via this page. Direct logins to Tequila will not be considered
  • Project and its code are yours - you can continue with it after the competition ends and who knows, maybe turn it into your own startup


Note: The dates might change, but the particular points should be final:



Kick off



End of challenge



Top 5 projects will be announced



Award ceremony

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FAQ and contact

If you don’t find the answer to your questions, contact us via [email protected], or join our Slack channel (you’ll get the link after registration).

Who can register for this challenge?

Anyone who is currently studying high school or university program + the participants can form a team of one, two or three participants.

I cannot attend the award ceremony, is there gonna be streaming?

Yes, the link for live-stream will be available later.

How do I contact you?

Leave us a message at [email protected] or join our Slack channel (you’ll get the link after registration).